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Breadwinner will help you raise the perfect starter

Get bready

We’ve all witnessed, with varying degrees of interest, people attempting to bake bread from scratch. It’s been exhausting watching folk try and fail, creating something which resembles an old oven mitt. Thankfully, a US-based techie and foodie named Fred has created Breadwinner, harnessing science to make sure you don’t fail. It’s only a prototype at the moment but this wifi-enabled lid, suitable for a 16oz mason jar, comes with an infrared sensor to measure the height of the starter, ambient air temperature readings, data logging onto an 8GB SD card and a micro-USB power cable. You can keep a track of your starter health via an app and work out when it requires feeding and when it’s at its optimum. All flours act differently, but the current public beta programme will help piece together the missing parts. Although it’s $140 now (think of all the bread you could buy for that), with the hope to manufacture at scale, it’ll drive down the price, and if the end result is delicious homemade bread, you’ll be toast of the town.