Signia’s Styletto will help your hearing in style

But at £3000 per pair, they’re probably not available on the NHS
11 September 2018 / 17:33BST

Let’s play a game of spot the difference. What’s got sleek, ultraportable styling, top-notch sound quality, an accompanying app to adjust volume and settings, and a case that doubles as a charger? It’s got to be a pair of those AirPod-style true wireless earphones, right? Wrong! These aren’t earphones, they’re Signia’s Styletto hearing aids, but good luck distinguishing them from the aforementioned buds that every headphone company worth its diaphragms is making now. Signia’s NX Audiology tech makes voices sound natural and that case can stay tucked in your pocket for up to four days before it’ll be called into action. In fact, it’s almost a shame they’re so slimline, because with three different colour options and a brushed-metal finish, you might actually prefer to show them off.

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