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This robot lawnmower wants to cut your grass without complicated wiring

Ever tried to set up a robot lawnmower? The perimeter wiring is a faff. This new option from Segway promises a wire-free experience.

Segway Navimow i Series in use on grass

If you’ve ever tried to take your smart home outside, a robot lawnmower is a great option. It’s a top smart home item to tackle one of the most laborious chores in your garden. Ever tried to set one up? You’ll know it often requires some fairly complicated wiring to mark out a perimeter. Painful. This new robot grass-cutter from Segway – the Navimow i Series – promises to trim your green without any of that wiring faff.

The Navimow i Series wants to be like having a gardener in your pocket, minus the muddy boots. With just a few taps on the Navimow app, you can have your robotic underling mapping out its territory, avoiding the flower beds. Segway’s thrown in some wizardry with its self-developed RTK positioning system, bolstered by vision enhancement. This means your Navimow isn’t just a lawnmower wandering about aimlessly. It’s got a 140° POV camera, giving it the eyes to navigate your garden’s every nook and cranny.

Segway’s Navimow i Series packs an AI-powered assistant that’s more adept at mapping than most of us are with Google Maps. It can autonomously figure out the lay of the land. Then, like a true overachiever, the robot lawnmower refines its understanding to ensure not a single blade of grass is left untended.

The scheduled cutting feature is perfect for those who’d rather be sipping cocktails on a beach than worrying about their lawn’s length. And with its unique zig-zag cutting pattern, the i Series lawnmowers guarantee a carpet-like finish. It even has a Ride-on Boundary mode for tackling those pesky edges that traditional mowers usually miss.

Fancy letting this clever robot lawnmower take a swing at your garden? The Navimow i Series is hitting the market starting at £949, with a more premium model priced at £1199. You can snag one directly from the brand, or from a third-party store.

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