The Philips Hue Play and Signe will light up your TV

Making Gogglebox more immersive than ever
21 August 2018 / 12:30BST

It might still be summer, but the days are definitely getting shorter. And when those long autumn nights do draw in, you’ll want some cool lighting for your home. That’s where Philips comes in. The Dutch gadget-maker has just launched two new lighting set-ups in its unbeatable Hue smart lighting range. Hue Play (€69.95/£63) is designed to sit behind your telly, either vertically or horizontally on the wall, or mounted as a backlight. Hue Signe (from €169.99/£153), meanwhile, comes as either a wall-hung or floor or table lamp, and it too is designed to sit next to your TV. Both can mimic what happens on-screen, or sync to your smart lighting system, and have 16 million colours to choose from. And both are available from mid-October, just in time for autumn.

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