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Nanoleaf celebrates 10th anniversary with a black version of its Shapes panels

The black panels still light up in the usual way

Nanoleaf light panels are brilliant, but they can seem like white slabs on your wall.

So, for the company’s 10th anniversary it has done something a little different and launched black versions, a starter kit of which is available from Nanoleaf’s site from $220/£200. All of the accessories are also black.

The move comes after skins became available for Nanoleaf’s brilliant Lines line-up.

Canadian company Nanoleaf was started in 2012 with two Kickstarter campaigns before settling on modular LED light panels that work with Apple’s HomeKit as well as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

We recently met Gimmy Chu, Nanoleaf’s CEO and co-founder and you can read our interview about the future of the smart home and the history of Nanoleaf here. Celebrating the 10 year anniversary he said: “To be here where we are today, 10 years after starting Nanoleaf, is beyond a dream come true. We started Nanoleaf with the goal of changing the way people experience and use light in their homes. Our products have inspired creativity and play in a way that lighting had never done before. But what inspires us the most is our community.”

The black panels are trailed as a limited edition, though presumably they’ll be somewhat less limited if they’re a success. One of Nanoleaf’s key partnerships has been with Razer and you can imagine that these panels will appeal to regular Razer gamers in particular. You can see the black panels in action in the video here: