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Logitech’s G Pro X 2 gaming headset packs brand new audio drivers

Improved wireless connectivity joins the upgraded drivers.

Logitech G Pro X 2 gaming headset in black and white

Alongside plenty of other accessories, Logitech produces some pretty popular gaming headsets. The brand’s latest headset, the G Pro X 2 Lightspeed, is another multi-platform option that focuses on quality. It packs brand new audio drivers to help you hear every footstep, and even offers three different options for connectivity.

Arguably the biggest focus of the new G Pro X 2 headset is the revamped set of audio drivers inside. Logitech has redesigned its Pro-G Graphene audio drivers, using graphene to create a lightweight but rigid driver. This produces hi-fi sound with lower levels of distortion, allowing gamers to hear even the smallest of details. You’ll find 50mm diaphragms on the drivers for more accurate and immersive sound. Logitech reckons players should be able to locate sounds within the soundscape.

But it’s not just the audio that’s taking a step up. Players have three different connectivity options when it comes to listening. As a wireless headset, the G Pro X 2 will have most ditching the cable. You can use Logitech’s own Lightspeed standard, or Bluetooth for up to 50 hours of listening time. Or, you can opt for a 3.5mm wired connection for more robust sound quality. You’ll also find a 6mm mic on a detachable boom arm to speak through the headset. Plus, the G Pro X 2 packs Blue VO!CE software filters and DTS Headphone:X 2.0 surround sound for more engaging audio.

Ready to plug Logitech’s latest headset in? The G Pro X 2 starts from $249/£249/€269 when you order directly from Logitech. It’s currently available in the UK, US, Canada, and select other regions worldwide.