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Logitech’s super-slim keyboard became a must-buy for my Steam Deck

Slender Logitech Keys-To-Go 2 pairs well with tablets for travel, too

Logitech Keys-to-go 2 hot stuff

I’m not entirely sure Logitech had Valve’s handheld gaming console in mind when designing the new Keys-To-Go 2 travel keyboard – but it didn’t take me long to work out it’s the ideal addition to any Steam Deck owner’s kit bag. The firm’s thinnest, most portable keyboard ever is also super-long lasting, and can pair with multiple gadgets at once.

Primarily aimed at tablet owners looking to write more than a few lines of email reply, the Keys-To-Go 2 is perfectly matched to an 11in iPad Pro – but of course it’ll also play nicely with smartphones, laptops, and any other gadget that’ll accept a Bluetooth pairing request. Including a certain gaming handheld. You can swap between three connected devices using shortcut buttons.

The QWERTY keys are all a decent size and sensibly spaced apart, with only a few punctuation keys getting the half-width treatment. Key travel is 1mm, which isn’t an awful lot – but still a whole lot better than tapping on a touchscreen for tactile feedback. There’s a full row of function keys and Logitech has even found room for some half-height arrow keys, too.

A coin cell battery then promises up to a whopping 36 months of use, and means one less charging cable to think about when travelling.

The built-in cover is only there to keep the keys safe while rattling around in your bag; it doesn’t act as a tablet or phone holder like the clip-on accessory bundled with the first-gen Keys-To-Go. Logitech reckons most users already have a case or cover with a stand, so decided to cut back on plastic use by skipping a dock here. Sadly it’s not something the Steam Deck has, but that’s hardly Logitech’s fault.

I like how the cover magnetically grips onto the keyboard when folded back on itself, adding the teensiest bit of elevation for. amore comfortable typing angle. The rubberised material stops it sliding around on a desk (or your lap), too.

As a self-confessed Steam Deck tinkerer who finds Valve’s onscreen keyboard a nuisance to use on the Linux desktop, the Keys-to-Go 2 has been a lifesaver. Physical keys make for much more accurate typing than a virtual keyboard, it makes tapping in SUDO commands much quicker, and means I don’t lose three quarters of the screen whenever I click on a text box.

A backlight would’ve been nice for night-time typing, but I doubt a coin cell battery could have cut it for very long – and all those LEDs would almost certainly have meant a thicker device. As it is, I could throw the Keys-to-Go 2 in a backpack and completely forget it was there – it’s really that light.

The Logitech Keys-To-Go 2 is launching in Apple and multi-OS varieties, in a choice of Grey, Black and Lilac colours. It’ll set you back $80/£80/€90 and is on sale directly through Logitech’s online store.

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