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Kanto Audio’s Ren speakers make for a compact TV sound upgrade

Miniature speakers that pack a mighty punch


Kanto Audio’s new Ren speakers want to tempt you away from soundbars in your quest to upgrade your TV audio. It’s all thanks to their built-in HDMI ARC support which, combined with a dedicated lower bass Night Mode for post-bedtime watching, make for a rather tempting alternative indeed — especially if you’re after a true stereo experience.

Small enough to comfortably fit on practically any media unit, the Ren speakers also support Bluetooth streaming, along with USB, USB-C, RCA, AUX, and optical inputs — not to mention support for an external sub if you’re hankering for more action on the low end. The USB and optical inputs, by the way, support up to 24-bit/96kHz for hi-res audio devices like dedicated network streamers and hi-res digital audio players.

It’s a pretty substantial collection of inputs, and should cover everything from PCs and laptops, to phones, tablets, and more. The only real omission is a phono stage, which means you’ll need a separate one or have a turntable with one built in if you want to spin some vinyl as well. As for performance, we’ve yet to hear them ourselves, but their on-paper stats are promising, especially given their smaller stature. You’re looking at 100W of Class D amplification, along with 5.25in mid/woofers, paired with 1in silk dome tweeters.

Given their active nature (no need for an amp), compact size, and tantalising colour options — black, cream, white, green, brown and orange — the Kanto Audio Ren speakers definitely worthy of your audio upgrade shortlist. We’re particularly taken with the retro-tastic cream flavour, but you’re welcome to go as bright or as muted as you like. Priced at $599 / £499 and hitting shelves in July, they’re not going to fit very tight budgets, but if you’re serious about elevating your viewing and listening experience, you could bleed your wallet much more elsewhere.

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