Insta360 Pro 2 brings the joy of six to virtual reality

Raises the bar for pro VR cameras
21 August 2018 / 12:00BST

If you’re filming VR video, you need to capture the action from all angles to make it truly immersive. That’s where the Insta360 Pro 2 comes in – it’s a professional-grade VR rig that’s kitted out with six – six! – cameras. Which means action from every angle, no matter how undignified. Costing $4,999.95 (£3,935.36) and available now from the Insta360 store, it shoots 8K-per-eye quality, and offers a streamlined production process for pros, including effortless FlowState stabilisation, long-range live monitoring, and simplified post-production in partnership with Adobe. It also looks like something you’d see hovering around a corridor in the Death Star, which is mainly why we love it.

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