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Hombli Solar Cam 2K has a battery that’ll outlast even the longest night

And it barely needs any sunlight to keep things topped up

Hombli Smart Solar Cam 2K mounted on a wall with greenery in the background

There’s a place about halfway between Norway and the North Pole called Svalbard, where for two-and-a-half months of the year the sun never rises – but that won’t be a problem for the Hombli Solar Cam 2K.

With a battery that lasts seven months on one charge, this security camera has infrared vision to keep an eye on your Arctic gaff all through the Polar Night, and can easily withstand temperatures down to -20ºC, so the extreme cold won’t stop it recording QHD video when it detects movement or sound.

When the sun does eventually rise again, the camera’s solar panel only needs to catch some rays for 30 minutes a day to keep that battery topped up, plus the built-in siren, floodlight and two-way audio mean you don’t even have to put your coat on to scare away any chilly trespassers.

You have two choices where to store the videos: either on an SD card (it supports capacities up to 256GB) or you can choose to use the cloud for €3.49 per month (or €34.95 per year). Live streaming video to something like an Echo Hub or Google Nest Hub also requires a one-time payment of €3.50 to activate, but watching via the mobile app is free.

That’s on top of the pretty reasonable asking price of €150, which could be why the Hombli Solar Cam 2K is currently sold out, but it’s expected to be back in stock very soon.

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