This Volterman smart wallet can’t be stolen

Camera-equipped for easy thief spotting
11 July 2017 / 14:24BST

There’s a certain sort of traveller who loves dabbling in the danger of leaving their wallet atop a cafe table - normally nestled beside a fresh espresso, begging to be pinched as the distracted owner uploads their latest #travelgram. Not, though, with this leather Volterman number (from US$98, Indiegogo). Besides a built-in powerbank, it’s equipped with global GPS tracking so you’ll know exactly where your cards have gone. There’s a distance alarm, too, so you’ll never forget it again, while an in-built camera beams pictures of anyone who opens it to your phone. Only when it’s in ‘lost’ mode, mind, so you won’t be shamed with snaps of your sambuca shots spending spree.