udoq is a multi-device dock for charging and organising your iPads and smartphones

All juiced up
15 June 2018 / 12:30BST

So you’ve a pile of Apple devices, and regularly juggle chargers. Only because your kit’s always thirsty, it doesn’t care for your wannabe clown shenanigans. Also, said devices are sprinkled about your house like expensive confetti, lost and alone. udoq ($99) – which its creators in all-caps modestly call THE ULTIMATE APPLE DOCK – is an all-in-one charger and organiser that banishes such problems. You slide adapters into the unit’s base, and arrange your devices however you like. There’s enough room for a couple of iPhones, an Apple Watch, and an iPad, but – as our image above shows – you can instead show off a range of smartphones, like you’re doing a photoshoot for a smartphone showroom. And because udoq is modular, it can adapt to your technology whims, whether you abruptly go all-in on Android, or decide to throw everything you own without an Apple logo into the nearest canal.