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Boox’s newest tablets want to replace your iPad with e-ink

The new Boox Go series offers e-ink in black and white or colour. It's better for your eyes, and lets you get more battery from your tablet

Boox Go Series Tablets

While the latest tablets are impressive feats, they still leave you battling eye strain. Looking at a screen all day strains your eyes, whether it’s your phone, tablet, or computer. E-ink displays are easier on your peepers, replicating paper rather than a screen. And they eke your battery out for even longer, letting you get more stuff done. Which is exactly what Boox wants you to do with its new e-ink tablets that are gunning to replace your iPad. There’s even a full colour option!

First up, we’ve got the Go 10.3. It’s a sleek monochrome notepad that’s thinner than Apple’s thinnest iPad at just 4.6mm. With a 300PPI Carta 1200 display, this 10.3-inch black-and-white marvel weighs only 375g. It’s packed with nifty features like the lasso tool and Smart Scribe for all your note-taking whims. By doing away with the front light layer, Boox reckons the content feels much more natural to your eyes. That makes it perfect for those who spend hours reading or sketching.

On the flip side, the Go Color 7 caters to those who like a bit of colour in their life. Sporting a 7-inch Kaleido 3 colour ePaper display, this e-ink tablet delivers vibrant hues without sacrificing readability. It’s got physical page-turning buttons and a wide bezel for easy one-handed operation. Thanks to Boox’s exclusive refreshing technology, you can enjoy reduced ghosting effects, making your reading experience smoother than ever.

Both devices are powered by Android 12, with the ability to download apps directly from Google Play. With 4GB RAM and 64GB storage, there’s ample space for your digital library. And supporting 25 different digital formats means you’re unlikely to encounter a file you can’t read.

Reckon an e-ink tablet can replace your iPad? The Go 10.3 retails for $380 and the Go Color 7 for $250. Both will be available to order directly from Boox when they become available.

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