Speaker Backpack is a bag that can play your favourite tunes while it charges your phone

It’s in the bag
22 March 2019 / 15:01GMT

The clue’s in the name with Speaker Backpack ($119), in that it’s a combination of speaker and backpack. The backpack bit gives you 12L of space – enough for a 15in notebook, a water bottle, and your various other bits. Hidden compartments keep your gear safe, and the firm shell and nylon exterior offers protection, a soft-touch waterproof surface, and the means to make you look a bit like a futuristic turtle. As for sounds, integrated 5W speakers will blast your favourite tunes over Bluetooth, and you can twiddle a power/volume dial with a single finger. It’ll act as a power bank for your phone, too; although, yes, this does mean you’ll now need to charge your bag before you leave the house, rather than just half the things you sling in it.