This portable wind turbine is a very British solution to off-grid power

The wind here may not always blow, but the sun even more rarely shows
14 March 2017 / 14:00GMT

Although solar panels are now lighter and more efficient than ever, the makers of this turbine are based in Britain – and it’s an optimistic engineer indeed who sits spannering solar panels while the wintry maelstrom batters the workshop windows. Texenergy reckons that in wind speeds of 15mph upwards the £85 Infinite Air will output 5V at 1.5A to 2A. That’s enough to juice up your phone, your GoPro, or even an iPad. Not bad for something that weighs under 500g and breaks down into parts small enough to fit in your pocket. Electric car charging? That might have to wait for Infinite Air 2. (Tagline: This Time It’s More Infinite.)