Plux is a Qi charger for your Apple devices that’s also a stand

All charged up
15 February 2018 / 12:30GMT

If you’ve a copy of the Qi charger checklist, you know what to expect. Simultaneously charge several devices? Check. 10W quick-charging option? Check. Featureless to the point of anonymity? Check. A kickstand, so your devices actually remain usable while charging? Ch— Hang on. Yep, the creators of Plux ($39) hope that last one will have you dig into your pockets. And we’re tempted. Although the ‘conversion’ is hardly elegant (attach a piece of plastic – and a second one if you don’t want your AirPods to slide off), the end result means you can use a charging iPhone without looming over the thing in a manner that would make ergonomics experts wince. Pledge now and you’ll be immersed in (relative) charging bliss in April.