PIX is a backpack that dazzles people behind you with custom animated retro pixel artwork

Bag of tricks
18 September 2018 / 14:24BST

You might like personalising a backpack with stickers and badges, but that’s very last century. PIX ($229) yanks such creativity into the present, by putting a vibrant grid of pixels on your back. The 16-by-20 matrix is controlled from your smartphone, and can show colour stills, animations, or play the most gimmicky version of Tetris since that tiny one they once shoved into a keyring. And the bag itself is no slouch either. At 42x31x16cm, it has a 27-litre capacity. There are three external pockets for gadgets, a ton of compartments for stashing everything else, and the backpack is water and shock resistant too. The only downside: those chunky visuals need a battery, meaning you’ll need to charge your bag before you leave the house, rather than just all the things in it.