Philip K. Dick’s mind-expanding tales get the La Boca treatment

All the sci-fi legend’s short stories in one eye-catching, exclusive bundle
06 April 2021 / 15:13BST

Philip K. Dick’s fiction has inspired some of the most mind-bending science-fiction films and TV shows of all time; without him, there’d be no Blade Runner, Total Recall, Minority Report or Man in the High Castle. His short stories (of which he wrote 118, alongside 44 novels) are a fine showcase for his inquisitive (some might say paranoid) imagination, and they’ve never looked better than in this new Folio Society collection. The Complete Short Stories (available now for £495) is a four-volume boxset including every short story alongside 24 illustrations and an introduction by novelist Jonathan Lethem. Designed in conjunction with La Boca, this bright and beautiful package is limited to 750 hand-numbered editions, so hurry if you’d like it to make landfall on your bookshelf soon.