This nifty toothbrush brings the power but bins the batteries

Twist in the tale
01 November 2017 / 11:35GMT

Electric toothbrushes, so we’re told by nagging dentists, are the best way to keep your gnashers clean, but nobody likes having to pack yet another charger to avoid hotel room conk-outs. That’s where the innovative Be. Toothbrush, currently funding on Kickstarter, comes in. It’s a powered toothbrush that instead of electricity relies on a kinetic energy storage system to make the head vibrate. All you need to do is give the dial two committed twists and it’ll go for exactly two minutes - plenty enough to keep the plaque at bay. It ticks the all-important eco-friendly box too, with apparently 100% biodegradable brush heads, while a built-in smart pressure sensor stops you from hacking your gums to pieces. Back it now from $49.