Le Feu’s eco fireplaces burn bioethanol for greener heat

Low carbon ignitions
19 August 2021 / 11:43BST

Crackling logs might be the last word in cosy comfort, but burning wood is bad news for the planet. For a fireplace that won’t fill the air with harmful particles, light up one of Le Feu’s futuristic flamers (from £1600). Instead of bark and branches, the Danish domes burn bioethanol – a fuel made entirely from plant parts. Add 1.5 litres to the built-in burner for up to six hours of eco heat. And with zero smoke or smell, the greener grills are good for the terrace or the TV room – no chimney necessary. Swappable stands mean its easy to find the right fit for your home: suspend a stove from the ceiling for chic Scandi style, or try a tripod for freestanding flames with a War of the Worlds aesthetic.