inCharge All in One is a charging cable for your keychain that can connect any device to USB

One cable to rule them all
12 July 2018 / 11:57BST

Digital devices are great until the second they run out of juice. At that point, you need to fish about for a cable – and hope you have the right one on you. Alternatively, stick an inCharge All in One ($11) on your keychain. This dinky cable’s magnetic ends snap together and are connected by durable eco-leather. When separated, one end plugs into a standard USB port, and the other into your USB-C device. Not got a spangly new iPhone or Android phone yet? No problem: slide off the adapter to get at the dual Lightning/micro-USB plug. Blazing headlong into the future, going all-in on USB-C, and visibly sickened by old connector technology? You’re covered, too (and probably overdoing it with the disgust) – there’s a USB-C-only variant, which also happens to be four bucks cheaper.