Hydrus VR is an 8K VR camera system for capturing cinematic underwater movies – and startling fish

Make a splash
10 August 2018 / 13:00BST

So you want to be the next David Attenborough and trump the BBC’s Blue Planet with an underwater documentary of your own? But gaffer taping iPhones around your head and diving into the drink doesn’t cut it. Instead, you need Hydrus VR (£TBA). Looking like something Captain Nemo might have had aboard the Nautilus, the unit can capture 8–12K stitched spherical and 3D images from dim ocean depths by way of its ten Sony low-light cameras – eight positioned around its circular body, one on top, and one below. Good to 300m, the unit can be diver operated, or incorporated on to underwater robots when you don’t want humans messing up perfect shots below the waves.