Google’s Titan security key keeps you safe online

£50 gets you online peace of mind
01 August 2019 / 16:02BST

If you’re the type of person to use ‘Password1’ for all your online accounts, you deserve everything you get. But if you take your online security more seriously, you might want to toughen things up by investing in one of Google’s Titan security keys (£50). Keep the fob on you at all times and whenever you try to log in to your Google account, it’ll allow you to prove you are who you say you are. It comes in two parts, a USB stick and a Bluetooth dongle, that are both linked to your account, so it can be used with various types of device. It’s also compatible with other sites and apps, so before long it could become as important as your front door key. Just try not to lose this one on your way home from the pub.