Fujifilm INSTAX mini Link is a portable printer turned matchmaker

Bundle of fun
02 October 2019 / 17:20BST

Tiny mobile printers are nothing new, but INSTAX mini Link ($99.95) moves beyond the basics. Sure, you can use it to quickly print a photo or video still from a phone, by selecting it in the mini Link app and swiping up. Within seconds, you’ll receive a dinky 800×600 318dpi mini print. But beyond that, INSTAX mini Link heads towards entertainingly bonkers territory. It’s motion-aware, and can be tilted to control your smartphone’s zoom; and whether the printer’s laying down or standing up defines which mode it’s in: Print or Fun. In the latter case, you can slather shots with text and frames, create collages from multiple connected smartphones, and even take a match test. Yes, this printer will figure out if you’ve met your perfect love by you both answering questions and seeing the results in real time. We suppose it at least makes a change from swipe left/right.