Elago W6 makes your Apple Watch look like an iPod Classic

Blast from the past
22 July 2019 / 12:02BST

When Apple killed off the iPod Classic it caused howls of anguish and an Ebay stampede among certain sections of the gadget-loving world. If you didn’t manage to pick up one of the last remaining Classics but you do wear an Apple Watch, how about keeping the memory alive with Elago’s W6 Stand (£14.99)? Made from bendy silicone so it doesn’t scratch your pricey wristwear, all you need to do is deposit your charger in the hole in the back and slot your Apple Watch in where the iPod's display would be when you go to bed. It works with all models and allows you to switch your watch into Nightstand mode, displaying just the time, date and whether you’ve got an alarm set. Just don’t try to plug a pair of headphones in when you wake up.