DRL Racer4 Street is a pro-grade racing drone that goes from 0 to 90 in the blink of an eye

Fly, my pretty, fly!
15 August 2019 / 15:07BST

For some, drones are about lazily faffing about in the air with a gadget. Not the Drone Racing League (DRL), whose contraptions scythe through the air at breakneck speed. After many requests to make one available to buy, DRL’s announced the Racer4 Street ($599). This public take retains the DRL series machine’s powerful configuration, and supports simple part replacements, so you’ll be able to fly, crash, and quickly rebuild. You’ll crash with style, too, given the unit’s sleek black carbon-fibre canopy its designers reckon sits halfway between ‘Batmobile’ and ’stealth jet fighter’; and if you’re not dazzling everyone with your flying skills, you can arrest their eyes with your own personal brand of flashing delight conveyed by 100 built-in LEDs. Worried about all the crashing? Any Racer4 purchase also nets you access to the DRL Simulator, so you can learn to fly a drone on a screen before the real thing arrives.