The Bluesmart 2 is a suitcase you can never lose

Free 3G for global tracking
05 July 2017 / 14:44BST

Still wheeling that battered roller around from Marbella ‘03? It’s time to upgrade your cabin bag - and Bluesmart’s second coming could be the case of choice. Much like the original, the Bluesmart 2 (from US$295, Indiegogo) is stuffed full of smarts. Packed alongside your pants and socks is global location tracking, courtesy of on-board GPS and 3G (with free global data for finding your wayward roller), as well as range-based digital auto-locking that’ll prevent forgot-to-lock panic. It’ll even charge your laptop to full in 2.5hours - perfect for alternative in-flight entertainment - while the 38L capacity should leave room for all your gubbins.