BlizzardLed is a snowboard accessory that lights up your board with 1000 programmable LEDs

Light fantastic
10 August 2018 / 17:30BST

You already look 99 per cent of maximum cool when scything across snowy slopes on a snowboard. But if you have the need to top even that, there’s BlizzardLed ($149). Designed to work with any snowboard, this easily fitted accessory has an accelerometer, gyroscope and up to 8GB of storage. But most importantly, it gives you 1000 programmable LEDs, which can be controlled and customised by way of a smartphone app that also tracks and maps your rides. Loads of lighting modes are included, such as virtual flames shooting from your board – or more abstract stuff when you fancy visuals less reminiscent of imminent death when bombing down a mountainside with your feet strapped to a high-tech plank.