b is a Bluetooth breathing tool designed to restore your inner calm

Takes your breath away
04 June 2018 / 11:19BST

Are you a bit stressed? HOW ABOUT NOW WE’RE WRITING IN ALL-CAPS? That probably didn’t help you chill out, but b ($99) just might. Looking like a whistle, b is in fact a Bluetooth device you use to tap into the power of your breath. Used on its own, it records your breaths, so you can check out data and find out how to improve in terms of mindfulness, or – if you’re having a bad time of it – hyperventilation. But if you don’t fancy practically welding b to your lips all day, it can be used in conjunction with a mobile app to partake in short exercises to help you de-stress. As you breathe, b gives subtle vibration, LED and sound cues. Just don’t swallow the thing when you finally properly relax and doze off.