Asus’ Lyra Trio wants to prove mesh is best

Wi-Fi gone wild
14 May 2018 / 15:12BST

Dead spots spoiling your home’s Wi-Fi setup? Phone struggling to stream your YouTube recipe videos in the kitchen but fast as a flash in your living room? Sounds like you need a mesh Wi-Fi system, and soon you’ll be able to pick up Asus’ new take on the concept, the Lyra Trio (US$300, UK price TBC). A three-pack of three-sided hubs that unite Voltron-style to form a triple-locked network throughout your abode, the Trio comes with dual-band MIMO to keep your connection fast and fluid. MIMO allows the hubs to simultaneously transmit and receive multiple data streams between each other, you see, which bumps both the speed and reliability of the connection. You get lifetime cloud-based security updates and parental controls thrown into the bargain too, which keeps things safe as well as slick.