Adidas celebrates 20 years of Xbox with limited-edition neon green sneakers

Lurid and we love it
07 October 2021 / 11:21BST

Neon green defined the Nineties. But just as it heralded a new era for gaming, so Microsoft’s mighty Xbox reclaimed the colour for the new millennium. With more than a little help from Halo, the console quickly became synonymous with a delightfully lurid shade of sage. Fitting, then, that Adidas is using an equally vibrant colour palette to celebrate 20 years since the first-gen Xbox landed in living rooms. Loud enough to leave you squinting, the Adidas Originals by Xbox double-down on the lime and lawn aesthetic. Slightly subtler is the scripted detail on the side, which nods to the system's Seattle birthplace. Button-mashing might have moved on, but for the gamers who pick up these kicks, their sole will always be green. Due later this year, we await word on pricing and production numbers.