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Garmin’s HRM-Fit is a comfortable chest strap designed for sports bras

The new heart rate monitor launches alongside the Lily 2 smartwatch and a revamped Garmin Connect app


Fitness enthusiasts who have long struggled with the uncomfortable pairing of a sports bra and heart rate monitor— your time has come. Garmin’s new HRM-Fit heart rate monitor strap has a clip-on design which means that you don’t have to cram the whole thing underneath the band of your sports bra, which can lead to an uncomfortably tight, sweaty experience.

Revealed during CES 2024, it’s designed to work with medium and high-support bras, and does everything you’d expect a Garmin chest strap to do, including measuring heart rate for all manner of activities including running, swimming, and cycling. Naturally, it’ll pair with your Garmin smartwatch for additional features like running feedback, and it’ll feed all manner of stats into Garmin’s Connect app as well. Best of all, it’s available to buy right now for $150/£140, directly from Garmin US and Garmin UK.


Garmin also unveiled the Lily 2, a successor to its smallest smartwatch. Despite being a 35mm affair (versus the original’s 34mm), it remains a godsend for those after fitness tracking tech in a package that won’t dominate one’s wrist with ungainly heft. There are a smattering of new colours to choose from, along with some pretty major feature improvements in the form of more detailed sleep tracking, along with improvements to dance fitness activity tracking.

As with the original Lily 2 is available in two versions, with the Classic being the more expensive of the two, thanks to a more premium design in the form of an Italian leather band, along with Garmin pay functionality. The regular Lily 2 costs $250/£250 and is available now on Garmin US and Garmin UK, while the Lily 2 Classic (also available at Garmin US and Garmin UK), will set you back up to $280/£300, for the leather band option (though it’s also a little cheaper if you opt for the silicon band instead).

Lastly, Garmin also announced a fairly substantial visual overhaul to its Connect app, with a focus on better organising the data that matters most. It included new sections to better compartmentalise different stats (rather than dumping everything on one page), along with separate sections for coaching plans, upcoming events, and more.

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