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Garmin Vivosmart 4 lets you know when you need to recharge your Body Battery

This fitness band never sleeps

If you know that HRV isn’t a type of lorry and that Pulse Ox didn’t have a [insert fire emoji] mixtape out in 2016, then Garmin might just have announced the fitness tracker for you. Unlike you, the waterproof Vivosmart 4 (£119.99) never rests, measuring everything from heart rate variability when you’re awake (that’s the HRV), to the saturation of oxygen in your blood when you’re asleep (and there’s the pulse ox), providing you with a Body Battery score that estimates your energy levels and lets you know the best time to go for a run. You know, in case you can’t work out that you’re knackered by yourself. It’ll do all the usual phone notifications and will last seven days between charges. Last one to the gym buys the protein shakes…

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