The ZX Spectrum Next Plus brings back Britain’s best-ever computer – again

Revive Sir Clive!
13 August 2020 / 10:23BST

38 years ago, a British home computer ruled supreme: the brilliant ZX Spectrum. And then a few years later, Amstrad ate Sinclair. If you long dreamed of a world where Sir Clive’s creation instead evolved to take on the mighty Amiga, ZX Spectrum Next Plus (£300) makes it a reality. Again, because this is the second run of the Next, refining the original design – and giving people who unwisely missed out another chance to own a machine. And what a machine it is. The case echoes the original Spectrum+, but inside is a much more powerful beast with new video modes, extra sound channels, SD storage, Wi-Fi, and a 28MHz CPU. It’ll run ancient Speccy games (even loading them from tape if you’re a masochist), updated classics, and new titles created for the system – or you can code your own. Because it uses FPGA, there’s no emulation in sight, and in a neat nod to modern British computing Wizardry, the Next can be boosted by installing a Pi Zero as a co-processor. Now for another crack at Manic Miner