Tomb Raider Legends: The Board Game has four Crofts battle to be the one true Lara

That’s a Lara tomb raiders…
05 October 2018 / 15:56BST

During her videogame expoits, Tomb Raider’s protagonist has had various different incarnations, and Square Enix’s latest effort has them face off to find out who will emerge victorious as the Lara Croft. But instead of duking it out on the small screen, these battles take place on the tabletop in Tomb Raider Legends: The Board Game (£49.99). Three or four players can take part, playing as anything from original Lara (the one who looks like she’s gone several rounds with some rabid irons) to moody, gritty roboot Lara. You then scoot about the circular board, exploring locations, performing actions, and pilfering cards from other players. After 40 minutes or so, you’ll all know who’s the one Lara to rule them all. Well, more like after 40 minutes and about four months – the game’s not due for release until February.