THEC64 brings back the classic ’80s computer in full-size form – and then adds 64 games and a VIC-20

When I’m C64
25 June 2019 / 18:35BST

Having apparently decided miniaturised consoles and computers are old-hat, THEC64 (£109.99) will this 5 December bring back the best-selling C64 in full-size form. Although obviously not an actual Commodore 64, this unit is the spitting image of the original, complete with full-size chunky brown keys that couldn’t be more 1980s if they tried. You can hammer away at them to craft your own games in C64 or VIC–20 BASIC, and then in your downtime try your hand at 64 pre-installed games, including Boulder Dash, Paradroid, and Gridrunner. If none of them strike your fancy, you can add your own favourites via USB. And to ensure you hit those high scores, bundled in the box is a fully updated micro-switched joystick. That should ensure this offering avoids the controller horror show suffered by the otherwise rather fab C64 Mini.