THEA500 Mini gives the iconic Commodore Amiga the tiny TV console treatment

Sweet 16-bits
10 August 2021 / 13:06BST

We’re fast running out of classic games systems that haven’t been miniaturised for a TV-friendly console experience. But 16-bit home computers have been off-limits – until now. With THEA500 Mini (£119.99, due early 2022), the folks behind THEC64 Mini have announced a dinky take on the Commodore 64’s successor: the iconic Commodore Amiga. The Commodore brand itself is tied up in legal weirdness, hence the odd THEA500 Mini moniker, but this is otherwise fully official fare – and as authentic as a tiny take on the 16-bit machine can be. You can’t bash away at the diminutive keyboard (although you can plug in a USB one), but do get a classic Amiga-style mouse, along with a gamepad and 25 built-in games, including Speedball 2, Zool, Battle Chess, Pinball Dreams and Worms. Notably, you’ll also be able to upload your own Amiga games to get your fix of the best the system has to offer, from SWOS to Stunt Car Racer.