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Samsung’s Odyssey G70B and G65B blend TV smarts and gaming speed

Zippy refresh rates and IoT integration with your choice of flat or curved screens

Samsung Odyssey G75B gaming monitor hot stuff

Turning your PC gaming setup into an all-round entertainment hub should be a whole lot easier with one of Samsung’s new monitors on your desk. The Odyssey G70B and Odyssey G65B pack in must-haves like adaptive sync, along with built-in smart TV tech for catching up on Netflix once you’re done playing.

Choice seems to be the order of the day here: you can pick between resolutions, refresh rates, and flat or curved panels, in a handful of screen sizes. Go flat and hi-res with the 4K Odyssey G70 and you’ll be limited to 144Hz, while the 1000R curved G65B goes faster at 240Hz, but tops out at 1440p resolution. The former can be had in 28 and 32in sizes, while the latter comes in 27in and 32in varieties. Both play nicely with AMD Freesync Premium Pro, but only the G70 is officially compatible with Nvidia G-Sync.

Each should deliver 1ms response times, but there’s currently no word on what sort of panel tech the firm is using. Samsung has yet to confirm what ports you’ll find on the back – but the selection shouldn’t need to be extensive, given these screens can do plenty by themselves.

Samsung Odyssey G65B gaming monitor

Both have Samsung’s Gaming Hub built-in, letting you stream games through Xbox Game Pass, Nvidia GeForce Now, Google Stadia and Amazon Luna once you’ve paired a controller or hooked up a keyboard and mouse.

Each plays nicely with Samsung’s DeX software for giving your phone a PC-like desktop, has built-in screen mirroring and AirPlay 2 for wirelessly hooking up an iPhone or iPad, and can stream apps like Amazon Prime and Netflix straight from the monitor – no PC required. And once you do hook up your rig, there’s a new onscreen game bar with options to tweak aspect ratios, screen response times and display modes on the fly.

Both the Samsung Odyssey G70B and Odyssey G65B should be going on sale towards the end of the year. There’s no word on prices just yet, but we’re betting those smart TV extras will bump the price up compared to the current G70A, which costs around £649. Either way, expect them to land for a whole lot less than the ultra-wide Odyssey G9 and mammoth Odyssey Ark.

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