Relive the glory days with the EON Super 64 plug-and-play HDMI adaptor for the Nintendo 64

Adapt to survive
09 August 2019 / 17:11BST

There aren't many better feelings in life than dusting off one of your old consoles and reliving the glory days. Like many of you, the first system I owned as a bright-eyed six year old was the Nintendo 64, but getting the gorgeous hunk of junk to play nice with modern TVs is becoming increasingly difficult. That's where the EON Super 64 plug-and-play adaptor ($149.99) comes in. The patent pending dongle promises seamless connectivity between the retro console and any modern television with a HDMI port. It will apparently deliver a clean, lag-free 480p image over HDMI without the need for an external power supply, and even features a new 'slick mode' that can buff out pixelated edges to effectively upscale classic titles. As if that wasn't enticing enough, the Super 64 will also custom tune colours and audio to create the most true-to-form N64 experience, which means hours of GoldenEye, Pokemon Snap, and Banjo-Kazooie exactly as you remember 'em.