Razer has launched a Stormtrooper-inspired gaming headset for Imperial sympathisers

This is the headset you're looking for...
21 November 2019 / 14:28GMT

Razer has launched a new gaming headset for those Star Wars fans who spend most of their days lurking on the Empire Did Nothing Wrong subreddit. The special edition Kraken Stormtrooper headset (£109) is an unashamed tribute to the Galactic Empire's brave foot soldiers, and sports a bold design that will make your Imperial leanings abundantly clear. Beneath that pearly white exterior is a custom-tuned 50mm driver that promises to deliver clear audio with punchy bass, and 7.1 surround-sound support for accurate positional audio. Wearability has also been prioritised, with thicker headband padding and cooling gel-infused ear cushions hopefully making those mammoth gaming marathons easier on your noggin. Finally, the addition of an improved cardioid microphone should make communicating with your squad easier than ever. Let's just hope they've got better aim than most Stormtroopers.