Quarter Arcades Pac-Man is an authentic and fully playable pint-sized arcade cabinet for your desk

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07 August 2018 / 16:06BST

Emulators on phones and PCs are fine, but they lack the authenticity of a real cabinet. That said, an original Pac-Man now costs a bundle of cash, requires restoration ability, and would take up half your living room. Until now, because Quarter Arcades Pac-Man Replica Cabinet (£149.99) shrinks the classic game to 25 per cent of its original size. This limited edition of 10,000 units is otherwise the real deal. Pac-Man zips about on a 5-inch colour TFT screen, waka-waka noises blaring from a 3W built-in speaker. The 430mm-high cabinet has the original art, a backlit marquee, and even a shrunk-down coin mechanism. Feel like a giant playing an arcade classic this December – and shrink down your bank balance accordingly, too, when you discover Galaga, Ms. Pac-Man and Galaxian are also on the way.