The PlayStation 5 is officially coming next year

Holiday 2020 - start saving
08 October 2019 / 16:24BST

We all knew that Sony’s next console was going to be called the PlayStation 5 and that, in all likelihood, it would launch next year - but isn’t it nice to see it in writing? Off the back of an in-depth Wired exclusive published today, Sony has officially announced the PS5 for holiday 2020. As reported in Wired, the console will support ray-tracing for next-gen lighting effects, and swaps the spinning hard drive for an SSD. And today Sony has revealed that the PS5 will ship with a new controller that replaces rumble with more realistic haptic feedback. Also new are adaptive L2/R2 triggers that allow developers to program their resistance so that ‘you feel the tactile sensation of drawing a bow and arrow or accelerating an off-road vehicle through rocky terrain’. We’ll know more over the coming months, but it’s probably time to start saving.