Nintendo Switch goes VR with new Labo kits

And one of them's shaped like an elephant, obviously
07 March 2019 / 10:49GMT

Is there anything Nintendo’s Switch can’t do? Not only can you turn it into a fishing rod, a piano and play Zelda on the lav, the newly announced Labo kits let you use it as a VR headset. Of course, this is Nintendo, so while one option is to make a pretty standard Google Cardboard-esque pair of VR goggles, the full Toy-Con VR Kit (US$79.99) comes with five other models to build, including a blaster, a camera, a bird and an elephant. The Switch slots into each one to form the screen, while some incorporate Joy-Con controllers too. If that’s a bit much for you there’s also a starter kit (US$39.99) that only includes the bits necessary to build the goggles and blaster, although you’ll be able to buy the other models separately if you change your mind. We do wonder how immersive it’ll be considering the Switch’s 6.2in display is only 720p, but we’ll find out when it goes on sale on 12 April.