NEOGEO mini is a tiny arcade cabinet for playing SNK’s greatest gaming hits

Console yourself
11 May 2018 / 11:08BST

SNK’s turning 40. And like seemingly every other big gaming brand from back in the day, it’s having a mid-life crisis that involves releasing a miniature console. But rather than a tiny plastic box you plug into your TV, the NEOGEO mini is a tiny arcade cabinet with its own screen… that you can also plug into your TV. The unit’s design apes a full-size MVS cabinet (albeit in oddly drab colours in the depicted international version), with a stick and four buttons for punching people’s faces off in King of Fighters, and getting all shooty in Metal Slug. There’s HDMI out for big-screen lawks, and you also get ports for headphones and two controllers. No news on pricing or availability just yet – let’s hope the former’s rather more ‘mini’ than SNK hardware of old.