NEOGEO Arcade Stick Pro is a tiny console with 20 games that doubles as a controller for your PC

A bit of a fighter
10 September 2019 / 13:35BST

Having got in on the tiny arcade hardware trend with NEOGEO mini, SNK’s now planning to put its games right in your mitts with the NEOGEO Arcade Stick Pro (£TBC). Inspired by the NEOGEO CD’s controller, this fighting stick bundles 20 SNK fighters. (Said games are yet to be revealed, but, let’s face it, we all know we’ll probably get the usual grab-bag of King of Fighters, Samurai Showdown, Fatal Fury, and Last Blade titles.) Connect it to your telly by HDMI and you can punch people’s faces off to your heart’s content – and can get all brawly with a chum by connecting up another Arcade Stick Pro. But wait! Because unlike other telly controllers of its ilk, this one will also connect to a PC or even the aforementioned NEOGEO mini. It’s like NEOGEOception.