Microsoft partners with DPM Studio to create its most limited-run Xbox gamepad ever

London calling
29 October 2019 / 13:28GMT

Microsoft has partnered with London-based streetwear label DPM Studio to design a limited edition Xbox Wireless Controller that, depending on your disposition, will either be a must-have collectible or the garish embodiment of buyer's remorse. Limited to just 1000 units, the exclusive gamepad was created to celebrate the upcoming X019 event in London, and is wrapped in a custom aquabrush camouflage print inspired by the traditional 1950's lizard-brushstroke camo and the famously wet River Thames. The design also subtly integrates other iconic London landmarks and buildings like the London Eye, Tower Bridge, The Gherkin, and The Shard. It'll retail for $99 when it arrives on November 14, which means you've still got a couple of weeks to decide whether a toxic green gamepad drenched in Brit-infused camoflague is the very definition of Your Jam.