Lenovo expands Mirage AR roster with Marvel Dimension of Heroes

05 September 2019 / 19:30BST

If you've ever dreamed about joining The Avengers (which, let's face it, of course you have) you'll want to check out Marvel Dimension of Heroes, a new augmented reality experience from the boffins over at Lenovo and Marvel. Available exclusively on the Lenovo Mirage AR headset ($249.99), the game tasks you with saving the world from the forces of evil as Black Panther, Thor, Captain Marvel, Starlord, Dr Strange, and Captain America. To do that, you'll need to quite literally step into the shoes of each hero by donning the smartphone-powered Mirage AR headset and wielding the new dual Universal Controllers so you can punch, slice, blast, and quip your way through supercharged skirmishes and push back the forced of darkness. Dimension of Heroes features an original story mode, a wave-based survival mode, and a co-op mode that lets players battle as heroes side-by-side. Best of all, the game will be free to download and play as long as you own a Mirage AR headset, which sounds exactly like the kind of philanthropy the late, great Tony Stark would've enjoyed.