Konami gets in on the mini retro console act with the PC Engine Core Grafx mini

R-Type of mini console
15 July 2019 / 12:39BST

The PC Engine isn’t the first retro-gaming system that springs to mind when you want to play some old games. But it in the late 1980s garnered respect from hardcore gamers through dazzling arcade-perfect ports of R-Type and the like, before subsequently being crushed by the SNES. Now, the awkwardly named PC Engine Core Grafx mini (£99.99) is on the way to Europe next March, while Japan gets the more sensibly named (and classic ‘cream’) PC Engine mini. Americans? TurboGrafx–16 mini for you. Games vary by region. Brits can look forward to the aforementioned R-Type, Ninja Spirit, Alien Crush, and more. And probably not look forward to finding the space for yet another shrunk-in-the-wash games system under the telly. At this rate, we’ll get an Oric mini by 2021.