JBL’s first gaming headsets bring surround sound to your ears

And there’s seven of them to choose from
24 August 2020 / 14:07BST

If you ask JBL, those computer game things are really starting to take off. The brand has just launched its first ever gaming headsets in the UK, and it’s definitely looking to make an impression. Leading the seven-strong Quantum range is the Quantum One, which employs JBL’s own QuantumSphere 360 tech to immerse you with precise spatial audio and head tracking. The Quantum 300, 400, 600 and 800 headsets all feature JBL QuantumSurround, which uses the brand’s QuantumEngine PC software to add overhead audio channels to your games. Every model in the range has memory foam ear cushions, while the Quantum 800 and flagship Quantum One pack active noise-cancelling - perfect for younger gamers wishing to ignore orders from their parents to stop playing Fall Guys. Prices start at £30 and go all the way up to £230, and the entire range is available on the JBL website now.