EPOS’ GTW 270 Hybrid are wireless earbuds designed for on-the-go gaming

And they’ll work with your Switch
21 January 2021 / 18:29GMT

There are more true wireless earbuds out there now than there are pebbles on Brighton Beach, but buds designed specifically for gaming? Now they’re not quite so abundant. Enter Sennheiser sub-brand EPOS and its new GTW 270 Hybrid wireless earbuds. These noise-isolating buds come with a selection of interchangeable rubber ear tips and are designed to fit the natural shape of ears for a proper seal, while an IPX5 water resistance rating ensures you don’t need to be too precious about wearing them in a light rain shower. But it’s performance that EPOS really wants to talk about. The GTW 270 Hybrid promise low latency audio and drivers engineered for gaming, plus dual microphones that reduce background noise and enable you to have clear conversations with friends in-game. They connect to compatible devices via Bluetooth 5.1, but also come with a USB-C dongle, which means you can also use them wirelessly with your Nintendo Switch. Battery life is rated at five hours, with an additional 20 hours from the gunmetal silver charging case. The EPOS GTW 270 Hybrid can be pre-ordered now for £179.